Agreement Quotes Funny

I hate to say it, but I think it has become very clear that our system of drafting trade agreements, so important to the functioning of this country around the world, is not only broken, but also totally broken. We want a common language in art. It is not a simple verbal or formal agreement or a dead level of uniformity, but this global and harmonized unity, with individual diversity, which can be developed freely politically and socially among men. There is nothing that leads to differences of opinion between people or countries rather than to an agreement. The four agreements 1. Be blameless with your word. 2. Don`t take anything personally. 3. Don`t make assumptions. 4.

Always do your best. If a law is in essence a contract, if absolute rights have arisen from that contract, the repeal of the law cannot assign those rights. “John Marshall The record companies have collapsed-and rightly so.